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Genie Grip Adhesive

Genie Grip Adhesive

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5 mL

Oil & Water proof !!! Looking for the perfect lash glue that has a fast dry time for experienced lash artist but not too fast for you if your beginner as well, look no further! Our Genie Grip has a .5-1sec dry time.

- dry time : .5-1sec dry (depends on humidity and temperature in range) 

- temperature - 64-75 degrees Fahrenheit 

- humidity - 40-70% works best

- fume level - low 

- color - black

- oil proof

- water resistant 

how you will use -

shake well before use for atleast 30-60 secs. The better the mixture the better the results. Use a glue pin to unclog also use a adhesive wipe to clean the nozzle after every use.

How to store -

keep glue in a cool dry dark place. Dont expose to sunlight. 
replace bottle every 4-5 weeks if opened. Unopened good for 6 months. 


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